Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

Our comprehensive Operations & Maintenance services for PV power plants encompass technical, commercial, and infrastructural support.

Monitoring & Control

ENcome's 24/7 monitoring & control center ensures continuous oversight of your PV power plant. We promptly detect and address disruptions and errors, minimizing downtime and optimizing your energy yield.

Information & Reporting

ENcome offers comprehensive reporting for your PV power plants, with monthly, quarterly, and annual performance reports, including deviation analysis and maintenance logs. Gain access to our exclusive monitoring portal, the 'ENcome Energy Monitor,' providing all essential data to track your PV power plants' performance closely. Plus, our dedicated plant managers are available to address any inquiries you may have.

Inspection & Preventive Maintenance

Regular maintenance and inspections of electrical equipment are essential for enhancing energy yield, ensuring power plant safety, and complying with regulations. ENcome serves as your responsible operator, ensuring full regulatory compliance. Our proactive approach to preventive maintenance minimizes errors and downtime, reducing operational costs and maximizing your profits.

Corrective Maintenance

ENcome's dedicated service team is ready to assist in the event of errors or downtimes. We prioritize swift responses to minimize downtime and maximize your earnings.

Performance Optimization & Safety

ENcome's service team offers tailored performance optimization for your power plants. Our range of services includes module cleaning, greenkeeping, and ensuring a consistently high energy yield. We also prioritize secure operations and compliance with health & safety requirements. Additionally, we handle duty of care responsibilities, including snow clearance and repairs for force majeure or vandalism-related issues.

Management of Interfaces

Operating a PV power plant involves managing interfaces with numerous stakeholders. ENcome provides support for your negotiations with property owners, grid operators, insurance companies, EPCs, component manufacturers, and more. We prioritize your needs because we care.