Case studies


Tripped circuit breaker

Problem: Shutdown based on a tripped circuit breaker.

Response: ENcome responded within two hours, sent out a technician to the plant to correct the issue.

Benefit: ENcome responded in 90% of all cases within two hours and minimized any loss of production.

Breakdown of the inverter ventilation

Problem: Production losses due to a breakdown of the inverter ventilation system.

Response: ENcome recognized the loss of production, and intervened directly to ensures a quick response from the manufacturer to get the problem resolved.

Benefit: In this example the intervention by ENcome reduced the loss due to this fault by around €4.500.



Active claim management

Problem: If an insurance claim arises, someone needs to make sure the claim is professionally and expediently dealt with.

Response: ENcome provides a full service when it comes to insurance claims. We check your insurance contract and immediately inform the insurance company about the issue. We can also supply documentation based on our monitoring system to support any claim.

Benefit: ENcome makes is easy for a plant owner to deal with an insurance issue by taking the lead in any claims process and managing it to completion.

Superior security system

Problem: In some territories burglaries of modules or cables are quite common. The cost of effecting repairs and the yield loss caused can have significant impact on the plant.

Response: ENcome can supervise the installation of an advanced security system to minimize the risk. Once installed ENcome coordinates alarm handling and ensures rapid responses to prevent larger thefts.

Benefit: The installation and management of a security system by ENcome achieved a reduction in the repair cost of over € 236.000 and a reduction in the yield loss over € 58.000.



Lower yield based on wrong string configuration

Problem: ENcome monitors plants in detail and as such is able to spot issues that are not major failures, but nevertheless result in a reduced output. It was observed on the plant, that the string configuration of an inverter was incorrectly configured. These types of errors are easily overooked and can only be found through detailed evaluation and comparison of aspects of the plant y an ENcome technician.

Response: Once spotted technicians attended site to adapt the string configuration to match the inverter design and optimize the output.

Benefit: ENcome detected a stringing error on the plant which caused the yield to drop on sunny days. After reconfiguring the string layout we were able improve production on the strings by 16% over the year.

Services for revaluation of the cadastral earnings to reduce real estate tax (IMU)

Problem: In the past, for PV power plants in Italy relative high cadastral earnings were assigned by the Agenzia del Territorio, which is responsible for the management of the land register. Now there is a possibility to reduce the cadastral earnings and therefore to achieve reduction of the real estate tax (IMU).

Response: ENcome prepares necessary report for the reassessment of the cadastral earnings and prepares the new DOCFA for the determination of the cadastral earnings and then submits this to the authorities. ENcome submits a possible appointment, if the authorities refuse the proposed cadastral earnings and supports in the filing of an extra procedural agreement in the event of rejection.

Benefit: ENcome completes all necessary actions to reduce the real estate tax. Through this process ENcome has achieved a saving for our clients of more than € 600.00 with a residual maturity of 16 years.



Self-consumption for PV plants in Italy

Problem: PV plants not only generate a lot of electricity, but they also consume it, and this supplied electricity can be expensive. The electricity supply can be provided under a separate connection agreement, which can save you money on the operation of your plant.

Response: ENcome takes care of all technical and administrative tasks to transform your Italian PV plants from "Cession Totale" into "Autoconsumo".

Benefit: As a result of the conversion, ENcome achieved, for a typical 1 MW power plant, a yearly saving about € 1.300.

Prevention of transformer break down through regular and diligent onsite controls

Problem: Transformer showed oil leakage which was communicated to the manufacturer at an early stage.

Response: Immediate communication to the manufacturer and organization of the damage repair.

Benefit: An extension of damage could be avoided through early detection.



Comprehensive support for inverter service and optimization

Problem: Insolvency of inverter manufacturer; lightning damage and consecutive breakdown of > 50 inverters.

Response: ENcome identifies technically suited exchange devices, develops technical rearrangement considering technical constraints. Preparation, coordination and execution of inverter exchange by ENcome. Storage of functioning old devices and further development of a repair concept.

Benefit: Minimal down times albeit extensive rearrangement of inverter configuration >1 MWp (performance losses only below 250 kWh!), minimal and only temporary data loss in the monitoring system.

Quality claim

Problem: ENcome detected 25% of Tracker motor breakage at a 2 MW plant.

Response: ENcome started all necessary claims management and obtained after negotiations a full replacement.

Benefit: All original Chinese motors were replaced by Danish motors and failure rate was reduced to less than 1% yearly.



Insurance claim

Problem: During a thunderstorm, a transformer was damaged.

Response: ENcome detected the error immediately and managed the timely repair of the transformer as well as leaded the insurance claim.

Benefit: Downtime due to repairs and consequently production losses were minimal.

Unavailable inverter provider

Problem: At a 1,2 MW plant the inverter manufacturer is in default. The Inverter was not possible to be repaired due to lack of service from the inverter provider in Spain.

Response: ENcome managed to open a communication channel to the provider of the manufacturer, which allowed potential repairs for these inverters. 

Benefit: ENcome managed a repair, saving investor from having to buy a new inverter.



Improvement of ventilation

Problem: At a 2 MW park in south Spain, inverters were tripping due to temperature.

Response: ENcome proposed an improvement of ventilation: a solution of channeling hot air outside the inverter container which solved the problem without the need of a more complicated air conditioning.

Benefit: The customer has spared the cost of installing an expensive air conditioning.