“This is really the place to be”: PV Asset Management and O&M Conference & Exhibition

It is an interesting time for the PV industry. The general fall in the value of power purchase agreements is pressurising margins throughout the sector, and nowhere is the squeeze tighter than in operations and maintenance (O&M), where an intensifying bidding war is leading to price falls of up to 20%, year-on-year.

At the same time, Europe’s solar industry is growing by almost 7GW a year, and the global O&M market expanded by more than 50% in 2016. This means that service providers are being faced by an unusual combination of expanding opportunities and an ever tighter struggle to take advantage of them.

The vendors that will be successful are the ones who are able to offer owners and investors the most efficient ways to maximise the return on every PV panel, and one of the keys to unlocking that is to implement smarter ways to monitor and maintain them. Efficient monitoring, accurate control systems and predictive maintenance are becoming essential tools of a modern PV portfolio.

Robin Hirschl, managing director of pan-European service provider ENcome Energy Performance, which has around 1 Gigawatt under management and is a Bronze Sponsors of the PV Asset Management and O&M Europe conference in Hamburg, where the main players and rising stars of the solar power industry will be meeting in June to share their systems and techniques for getting the best performance from their assets.

Hirschl will be presenting a talk on Proactive O&M through Intelligent Systems. This will explain to delegates his company’s comprehensive solution to this conundrum: a combination of a few simple principles weaponized by the latest technologies. http://events.newenergyupdate.com/pv-europe/conference-agenda.php

The principles are the need to standardize and automate monitoring and intervention across sites. He says: “We have to reach a state where we are able to take a proactive approach, where we can analyse enough data in enough detail to say what is going to go wrong before it does. And the way we can do that is to use standardized data collection and to bring our portfolio onto one database. This allows us to use all our data to program the best algorithms and get optimal results.”

These upgraded control systems are supplemented by emerging collection techniques, such as the drone-based monitoring of large sites, and automated intervention technologies such as “self-driving” robots.

Hirschl adds that the increasing professionalization and sophistication of the European industry has made it essential for operators and contractors to meet to discuss the best ways of responding to changes in the industry. “Now more than ever, we have to look for ways to optimise our businesses.  The range of topics covered at the PV Asset Management Conference, and list of speakers from across Europe, mean that this is really the place to be.”

The conference has a stellar line up of speakers who will be tackling the many ways that service providers are sharpening their competitive edge, and how owners can benefit from that.

Other topics in the conference’s O&M track will include designing, building and retrofitting plants to facilitate O&M and detailed examinations of the best ways to maintain them once they are built.

The conference will also present the latest thinking on asset management, an increasingly important topic as the industry grows and consolidates.   

“Europe’s most important convergence of leading PV experts continues to tap into the progressive asset management and O&M models that will secure the market’s future, making this the must-attend event for all the industry decision makers,” concludes Diana Dropol, Project Director at New Energy Update.

The PV Asset Management and O&M Europe conference will be held in Hamburg on the 12-13 June. For more information click here. [http://events.newenergyupdate.com/pv-europe]

As Bronze Sponsors, ENcome has a few subsidised passes if you are interested in attending. Use discount code ENcome-VIP to claim your €999 ticket (originally €1495) until 30th May.